Customer Profiling using Machine Learning on Instagram

As a business, what if you can understand your customers by analyzing the content they follow on Instagram?

With machine learning, you can do just that.

By looking at the profiles that your followers follow, you can get a sense for what types of content your followers really engage with.

To illustrate this, I scraped the profiles followed by everyone who followed @sportstown, a pool hall and local staple in Orlando, Florida. The profiles selected were either businesses or profiles verified by Instagram. These types of profiles typically posted content that aligned with a common theme.

The idea was to use machine learning (in particular, Latent Dirichlet Allocation) to automatically group these profiles according to shared themes or categories.

These themes are characterized by certain keywords that are found in the captions of the latest 50 posts by each profile. The following topics arose after running the analysis on 42,500 captions from 850 Instagram profiles.

food foodie orlandoeats orlandofoodie delicious chicken foodporn cheese

body fitness workout gym health strong fit

Bikes and Tattoos
harley harleydavidson tattoo motorcycle bike

florida downtownorlando art thecitybeautiful water travel

ball usopen billiards seekers pool

Liquor and Wine
whisky cocktails whiskey bourbon distillery gin wine

dog dogs dogsofinstagram puppy pet animals pets doglover

bassplayersunited hiphop bass rap beat

que uma brasil mais ufc

design collection art piece modern painting

beer florida craftbeer food ipa brewery beers

trulieve hemp marijuana cannabis cbd florida dank sunshinecannabis

que con mejor florida gracias

lash bits lashes palette classic ebony afropunk

Food Culture
foodtruck handcrafted patreon foodporn dinner burger

This means that the folks who follow Sportstown are also into sports (who knew?), fitness, art, and many other interesting topics. Each of these topics are not evenly represented, so I looked at how many profiles were categorized into each topic.

It’s clear that that most followers are local foodies that are into fitness and drinking beer. There’s also a large faction of followers that enjoy art and have a strong affinity for dogs.

This type of information can naturally be used to drive marketing campaigns on Instagram that are based around the topics that Sportstown’s followers respond to the most. If you know what your customers want, you have a higher chance of designing successful campaigns.

To verify these results, I suggest you visit Sportstown. Based on my experience, you’ll be certain to encounter locals who bring their dogs, bikers with tattoos that play music, and fitness aficionados that surprisingly drink heavily!

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